Don’t wanna die? Start a High potassium diet

high potassium diet

White beans, a healthy food rich in potassium

In a recent study researchers find that older women with a high potassium diet have a lower risk of stroke and overall lower risk of dying.

Potassium is an important mineral to the body. It’s abundant in healthy food such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products such as milk and yoghurt. I’ve mentioned that potassium is good for you and lowers your risk of dying. It’s always nice when corroborating data becomes available that adds to existing evidence.

High Potassium Diet Lowers Stroke Risk and Overall Mortality

In the study published in the journal Stroke researchers looked at data of 90137 post menopausal women over 11 years. Researchers investigated their diet specifically intake of potassium compared to how often women in general had ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes or died during the course of the study. An ischemic stroke is when a clot formed at either a blood vessel plaques, or in another part of the body that then travel to the brain and causes a lack of oxygen in the area downstream of where it get stuck. The cause of hemorrhagic strokes are a burst blood vessel in the brain.

The researchers found that women with a high potassium diet were 12% less likely to suffer a stroke in general and 16% less likely to suffer from an ischemic stroke compared to women with the lowest consumption of potassium. The women with the high potassium diet were also 10% less likely to die of any causes compared to the women with the lowest dietary intake. Of women that didn’t have any problems with high blood pressure the protective effects of potassium was even higher with 27% lower ischemic stroke risk and 21% reduced risk of all strokes in comparison. Among the women with high blood pressure there wasn’t any reduction in risk of strokes from the amount of potassium in the diet.

The WHO recommend a daily sodium intake of 3.5 grams per day. That number is high in comparison to the mean intake of women in general (2.6g). Only 16% of the women in the study met the dietary recommendations of a high potassium diet. Even though this amount is high, those that met or exceeded it also had the largest health benefits.

A side note is that people with kidney problems should not consume too much potassium since it can lead to heart issues in too high levels in the bloodstream. There are tons of advantages to eating healthy and getting regular exercise, unsure of what foods contain potassium? Here is a list

Content image credit: Rasbak via wikimedia by CC BY-SA 3.0